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What can we learn from alumni?

International students have a variety of options when deciding where to study. The former students of a school, college, or university represent one resource that many people appear to ignore.
They should not undervalue the benefits of speaking with and connecting with alumni. For:
They do all the sharing
Making connections with alumni will give you a better understanding of the school you want to attend. They have first-hand knowledge of the academic and social aspects of student life at that university.
They tell you what to do
Alumni of a certain university, as well as graduates of that university's particular programmes or degrees, will be able to inform you of the kind of employment options open to them.
They are a source of networking
Your alumni association is a vast network of business contacts with similar interests. You can connect with people who might be excellent resources for informational interviews or introductions.
They can be caring
If a school or college has the services and possibilities you are seeking, alumni will be able to let you know about it along with how international students are treated at a particular university and programme.
They can always give back
When you become an alumnus yourself later and become a part of alumni associations, you can avail many facilities by yourself by taking part in a range of volunteer opportunities that help you give back to communities.
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