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What changed in SAT Exam

SAT, assess high school students "college preparedness." In addition to grades, extracurricular activities, recommendation letters, and essays, many universities now consider applicants' test scores when making admissions decisions.
The exam is now administered in a digital format, the student is still not allowed to take it from home. Instead, it must be taken in front of a proctor.
New Digital Format
The entire Math area is open to the use of calculators. Students are free to use an embedded graphing calculator or bring their own to the exam.
Use of calculators with permission
The time is reduced from three hours to two hours for the pupils due to the significant modifications.
Exam Duration
Prior to the new changing pattern, scores took about two weeks to become available. Now, scores will become available within days.
Scores Availability
With the new design, each student will receive a different test form for the SAT. Previously, many students would appear in the same test form.
Unique Test Forms
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