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What is a Good GRE score

GRE score of 300 or higher is considered a good score for MS. The average GRE score would be between 280 and 300. Furthermore, because 260 is the minimum GRE score, anything less than 260 will not guarantee admission to a known university
GRE is divided into 3 sections. The min. score for verbal section is 130, the min. for quantitative section is 130, and the min. for your analytical writing is 0. As a result, the GRE min. score, excluding the analytical section, is 260.
Minimum GRE Score
A good GRE score varies depending on the programmes you are considering. In comparison, the current average score for all GRE test takers is 150 for verbal and 152 for math.
Variation in Good Score Criteria
GRE scores are valid for 5 years. After the test, ETS will keep your score report on file for 5 years. Because the GRE's creators believe that scores are valid for 5 years, schools will accept scores issued up to 5 years ago.
Validity of GRE score
A score of 325 or higher should help you gain admission to the prestigious colleges. On the general test, the highest total GRE score is 340. As a result, anything above the avg. GRE score of 300 isĀ  a perfect GRE score.
GRE score for top college
A 310 is sufficient for an international "Masters of Science." In the United States, a GRE score of nearly 310 is a good GRE Score for MS. It is usually sufficient to gain admission to most engineering or computer science programmes in the country.
GRE score for MS
GRE Score from 310-315 is suitable for MBA aspirants, whereas a score of 325 & above is perfect to get admission in top 20 US business schools. GRE Score is recognized for admission by various B-schools such as Stanford, Wharton, & others.
GRE score for MBA
GRE score of 320 or more is required for admission in USA's GRE universities for Ph.D. A general score is also required to pursue a Ph.D. in Business or Management at some Anglophone universities, particularly in North America and Australia.
GRE score for Ph.D
The top GRE Harvard score is 340, and the lowest possible score is 260. Furthermore, any score above 300 will be sufficient to meet Harvard GRE requirements.
Harvard University GRE score
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