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What is CAS Letter?

If you're hoping to study in the UK and are curious about the CAS letter UK, you've come to the right place.
A Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies letter, also known as a CAS letter, is vital for study in the UK. It includes facts on the student's personal information, the program they have chosen, program duration, and their specific CAS no.
When do you get it?
Only once you have satisfied all the academic and financial requirements, you will be provided this letter. Additionally, you might need to finish a pre-CAS procedure, submit an admission form, and pay an acceptance fee.
Why do you need it?
As per UK immigration rules, a CAS number is needed since the university must sponsor the student's application for a student visa. This number verifies that the student has accepted the university's
unconditional offer.
After the date of issuance, your CAS is good for six months when applying for a student visa (Tier 4 general). Even, many universities in the UK will send the CAS letter on your behalf.
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