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What is IRCC in Canada?

IRCC refers to the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, and it is the department of the Canadian government that deals with immigration-related matters. Tap on the screen to know more about IRCC.
Decisions are made as per individual application circumstances. However, their decisions are subject to judicial review by the citizenship applicants and the Minister of IRCC.
You can send the application to offices like CPSs- Case Processing Centers, CIO- Centralized Intake Office etcetera but they do not offer assistance of any sort.
The IRCC processes applications for Permanent immigration, Visitor visas (temporary resident visas), Study permits, Work permits, Refugee resettlement, and Travel documents for permanent residents abroad.
The IRCC’s responsibilities
The goal of IRCC is to contribute to making Canada stronger through immigration to maintain its well-known humanitarian initiatives on a global scale.
The goal
IRCC also contributes to the Refugee Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP) by helping individuals or families seeking refuge in Canada to locate temporary housing and eventually permanent.
Refugee Resettlement
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IRCC in Canada