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When to give IELTS exam for September intake

September Intake is popular and sees a high demand from the students. For September Intake 2023, almost all universities require your proficiency test certificates. If you can't achieve a high score, you might be required to retake it.
April – July 2022– Research Your Options
Step 1
September 2022 to November– Take a Standardized Admission Test like IELTS: Almost a year before. Not only you will have enough time to prepare for the test, but also you will be at peace while preparing your visa application.
Step 2
November 2022 to July 2023– Apply to Universities
Step 3
January – July 2023 – Wait for Your Admission Decision
Step 4
Aug 2023 – Prepare for Your Departure
Step 5
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IELTS for september intake