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When to take IELTS for fall 2023?

Here are some important details on when to take your IELTS exam if you're going to travel overseas in the fall of 2023 (July/September 2023)
If you intend to apply to the USA as your country of study, you should ideally schedule your IELTS exam for the months of August and September 2022. The most basic reason is that you must submit an early application.
Canadian higher education institutions' seats fill up quickly though many of them delay their deadlines until February or March 2023, you must still take the IELTS well in advance in 2022, in August or September.
Other Countries
You can take IELTS by April 2023, which is two to three months before July or September intake, if you are applying to universities in countries like the UK, Australia, or NZ that offer conditional admissions to students.
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