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Which country has the most Ph.D. students?

For many prospective Ph.D. students, it can be beneficial to consider what other countries have to offer for Ph.D. programs. Depending on the field of study, you might find your ideal program in another region or country.
Most Ph.D. degrees are obtained in the scientific fields of Health, Nature, and Technology. Countries are investing in their education systems, and more people than ever before are completing doctoral degrees.
But which country has the most doctoral students?
The United States has the most doctoral graduates by far (71,000 in 2017), though it is ranked fourth in per capita terms. Germany and the United Kingdom are next with around 28,000 each.
OECD countries
Overall, the number of doctorate holders is on the rise, growing by about 8% across OECD countries between 2013 and 2017, and in particular in Mexico, Spain, and the United States.
No wonder some countries try to attract more doctoral candidates with incentives such as charging lower fees (Australia, Italy, and Switzerland) and recognizing them as employees rather than students (Norway and Switzerland).
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