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Which intake season to choose: Fall or Spring

For admissions each semester, many universities worldwide have set quotas. If you're unsure which intake to choose, learn more about both. Your profile and various other factors may influence your final decision.
Such universities get a lot of applications and therefore divide students' intake for a year. Most of these students apply for the fall season (Which in Canada starts in September) when the largest batches are formed for each course.
In your first step, you need to check whether your course is offered in the spring, as most courses are available only during the fall. Keep in mind that more staff support is available in the spring intake because there are fewer students.
Campus hiring typically happens in the second year of the program. In terms of profile, fall intake students have an advantage over spring intake students who have only completed two semesters because they have three completed semesters.
Many students miss out on the fall admissions and thus choose to take admission in the spring intake. After earning your degree, if you want to take some time off to take a gap year then spring intake is the right choice for you.
It entirely depends on your preferences and whether a specific course or university is offered during the two seasons. Before taking the English proficiency tests, be sure to choose your intake so that you can plan and prepare accordingly.
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Spring or Fall intake?