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Which Job Sectors in Demand in Canada

According to studies, the Canadian labour market is reliant on significant immigration to fill the gap. Immigration will be crucial in 2023 for filling critical positions and closing the labour gap.
If you are willing to fill in the gaps. mentioned here are the top 8 positions that will be in high demand:
Registered Nurses
Jobs for Registered Nurses (RNs) in healthcare are still in high demand across Canada. The Covid-19 outbreak has caused a severe shortage of nurses, and many provinces have held targeted PNP draws for registered nurses.
Drivers for delivery truck
Drivers are in high demand in Canada, Of late, 11,613 positions for these have been reported. Drivers transport supplies, consumer items, and people to where they need to be.
Professor or Lecturer
Canada has a high need for academics and teachers, and a doctoral degree or a master's degree in any field is required to work as a teacher. A professor or speaker makes $100,000 on average yearly.
Project Managers
Project heads are needed in a range of industries, including healthcare, engineering, finance, retail, and e-commerce. The position typically pays roughly $100,000 a year in salary.
Marketing Manager
For their commercial services, marketing directors often charge roughly $150,000 annually. Planning, organising, and strategically evaluating strategies to market and sell products is their primary objective.
Veterinarian (Vet)
In Canada, there is a shortage of veterinarians. You must graduate from veterinary school and obtain a license from the appropriate regulatory authority to practice.
Operators of Heavy Equipment
Based on an average workweek in Canada, these workers are employed by pipeline, logging, cargo-  handling, heavy equipment contractors, and other businesses, and make a median annual income of $54,600.
Web developers
Tech workers in Canada have several possibilities because of the country's thriving tech sector. Web developers now have a reliable route to getting a work permit for Canada thanks to Canada's Global Talent Stream.
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