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Will the SAT change in 2023?

The SAT standardized test will undergo a significant modification in its administration procedure. But, what will change, let's look!
The SAT will see a transition from a pen-and-paper format to a fully digital one starting in 2024, with overseas students having access to the Digital SAT starting in 2023.
New Format
Calculators are now permitted across the whole Math section thanks to recent modifications. Students are free to use a graphing calculator that is built into the exam or bring their own.
Use of Calculators
The duration has been shortened for the students to 2 hours due to the significant modifications.
Exam Length
Before the new changing pattern, scores took about two weeks to become available. Now, scores will become available within days.
With the new pattern, each student will receive a different SAT exam form.
Unique Test Form
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