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Without IELTS accepting universities in Canada

Here, we will look into some universities in Canada that do not require international students to sit for an IELTS test as part of the admission application. Instead, the students may take other exams like PTE/Duolingo etc.
University of Saskatchewan
Located in Saskatoon, this University accepts TOEFL, CanTEST as alternatives to IELTS. You may also participate in its English Language training program.
Brock University
IELTS is acceptable but not mandatory here. Alternatively, you may take TOEFL or take up Brock Intensive English Language Program to improve your language.
University of Winnipeg
You do not need IELTS credentials here. Simply submit your Duolingo results or take up the University’s English Language Program.
Carleton University
To demonstrate your English language proficiency here, you may take the Canadian Academic English Language Test, TOEFL or PTE.
University of Regina
You may submit IELTS results but they are not mandatory. Instead, you can submit CAEL, TOEFL or Duolingo test scores for admission.
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