Study in Australia

Australia, known for its multicultural environment and natural landscapes, attracts numerous International students from around the globe. The globally recognized universities in Australia offer world-class academic programs, courses, and hands-on experience. The credentials gained from these top universities in Australia are respected worldwide and appeal to potential employers globally. The quality of living, Low cost of education, affordable living, part-time job opportunities, and Scholarship options makes studying in Australia one of the best career decisions a student can make for a promising future.


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International Students

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Why study in Australia

Australia is known worldwide for its highly flexible education system which provides several major & minor subjects to the international students along with world-class education and a high standard of living.

When we talk about the 5 most preferred study destinations in the world, Australia comes among them because of its educational excellence and more than 1200 institutions that provide around 2200 study programs.

When we talk about the 5 most preferred study destinations in the world, Australia comes among them because of its educational excellence and more than 1200 institutions that provide around 2200 study programs.

  1. World-class education: In the past few years, Australia came up as the 3rd most preferred study destination for the students worldwide. When we compare it with other English speaking countries, it comes out as the best option for the students who want to pursue their higher education abroad at the affordable price.
  2. Global recognition: The degrees that students obtain after studying at the Australian institutions are highly valued by most of the employers in the global job market. Therefore, students graduated from Australian institutions have very high chance of getting employed.
  3. Cost of living: When we talk about the living expenses and the tuition fee, Australia comes out as the most affordable option for the international students. While studying there, students can also do some part-time jobs to cover up their living expenses. Other than that, they also get the chance to apply for various scholarships that can minimize the burden on their pockets.
  4. Educational diversity: Australian Universities & institutions provide a broad range of courses & degrees which provides the flexibility to the students to select their preferred program according to their career goals & interests.
  5. Flexibility to take up part-time jobs: Australian education system provides a great flexibility to the international students to work part-time while studying in Australia.

Other than that, the ESOS (Education services for the overseas students) and the national code of practice are the two major laws in Australia that promote high quality and world class education to the students in Australia and make it a worldwide leader in providing education to the international students.

Education system in Australia

Generally, Australian education system provides three types of programs that are Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees and vocational education.

Bachelor’s degree:

When we talk about the university education in Australia, it has over 37 universities that are public-funded (Commonwealth funded).

Generally, the overall duration of an Australian bachelor’s degree is 3 years, but students can opt for the 4th year as well, which is also called as “honours”. If you decide to pursue an honours degree while studying in Australia, then you will need to write & submit the thesis to obtain that degree.

While pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Australia, students get the option of studying both major and minor courses in the specific fields. Other than that, they also get an option to pursue double degrees which provides them a chance to study major subjects in two study fields.

Master’s degree

When we talk about the master’s programmes, they have a total duration of 2 years in almost all Australian Universities (institutions).

Vocational Education

You can call Australian vocational education as Technical & further education which is funded by the Australian government. Vocational education in Australia covers up certificate courses, diplomas, and advanced diplomas. Moreover, in some study areas, students get bachelor’s degrees in vocational studies.



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Australian Examination system

Generally, Universities in Australia conduct around 1-2 exams each term and their performance in these exams is assessed to give final assessment. Other than that, Australian universities provide multiple courses that require language classes, laboratory work and focus more on the assignments, participation and attendance.

Australian education system highly emphasize on student involvement and participation where they are expected to share their opinions, ask questions, and speak in the lectures.

Let’s check out more about the Australian education system

Higher education institutions in Australia

In Australia, the HEI’s (higher education institutions) cover up both private & government institutions and they are further divided into two categories.


While studying in Australia, you can get higher education qualifications at both bachelor’s (undergraduate) and master’s (post graduate) levels which makes you ready for a professional career. Currently, Australia has 42 Universities in total that includes 3 private and 2 catholic Universities.

These Universities provide excellent education to the students along with providing them the bachelor’s degrees, postgraduate diplomas, postgraduate certificates, master’s degrees, doctorate degrees etc. Moreover, every University located in Australia get the public funding from the Australian government.

TAFE institutions

Other than pursuing undergraduate & graduate courses, in Australia, students get the chance to pursue a vocational course at the TAFE (Technical & further education) institutions. These institutes provide the vocational education & training to the students. Furthermore, they offer various short courses that consist certificates, diplomas, and advanced diplomas in a wide variety of fields.

Higher education organizations in Australias

  • Universities Australia
  • Australian Technology Network
  • Worldwide Universities network
  • Tertiary education quality & standards agency Australia
  • Group of eight
  • Innovative research universities, Australia
  • Department of Universities & training, Australia
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Grading scale in Australia

Grading in Australian Universities

Grade Meaning Percentage range Grade points (7 scale range) Grade points (4 scale range)
F Fail 0-49% 0 0.3
PC Conceded pass 45-49% 3 -
P Pass 50-64% 4 1.0
CR Credit 65-74% 5 2.0
D Distinction 75-84% 6 3.0
HD High distinction 85-100% 7 4.0

Grading in Honours

Grade Meaning Percentage range
H1 1ST class honours 80-100%
H2A 2nd class honours (Div. A) 75-79%
H2B 2nd class honours (Div. B 70-74%
H3 3rd class honours 65-69%
P Pass 50-64%
N Fail 0-49%

TAFE & VET grading

Grade Meaning
CA/CY Competency achieved (Competent)
CD Competent with distinction
CM Competent with merit, competent with credit
CN Not yet competent

Cost of studying in Australia

Australia not only comes among the most sought after countries for studying abroad but it’s also the most attractive & beautiful place to study abroad. Below are the cities and the institutions that are located in these cities.

Type of course Avg. fee per year
Tuition fee for a bachelor’s degree programme 25,000-35,000 AUD
Tuition fee for a master’s degree programme 35,000-45,000 AUD
Vocational course at TAFE institute 5,000 – 15,000 AUD (per semester)

Top places to study in Australia

Australia not only comes among the most sought after countries for studying abroad but it’s also the most attractive & beautiful place to study abroad. Below are the cities and the institutions that are located in these cities.

Below-mentioned are the costs associated with studying in Canada

City Institutes
Melbourne Victoria University
Box hill institute of TAFE
Monash college
Kangan institute
Holmesglen institute
Swinburne University of Technology
Sydney Sydney institute of Business & Technology
Sydney institute of TAFE
Canberra University of Canberra
Canberra institute of technology
Adelaide University of Adelaide
Flinders University
Sydney institute of business & technology
Brisbane TAFE queensland southwest
Queensland institute of business & technology
Holmes institute
TAFE queensland skillstech
Gold coast Griffith University
TAFE gold coast
Perth Edith cowan university
North metropolitan TAFE, perth
Polytechnic west

All in all, we would say, if you are a student who aspires to pursue their higher education at the world-class institutions at the very affordable price. Then, you can surely opt to study in Australia and achieve your career goals by delving deeper into the field of your interest.


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