Cost of Living in Canada for International Students

Canada is known worldwide for its high educational excellence and world-class institutions that further provide state-of-the-art facilities, highly experienced faculties, a multicultural environment, and global exposure to international students. It prepares them to delve deeper into their field of study and achieve a great career. That is why, over recent years, the number of student applications to study in Canada has increased significantly.


CAD 29000

Average Cost Of Study


International Students

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Average cost of living for students in Canada

Canada is the best country in the world to live, thanks to its unique culture, fantastic natural beauty, superb health care, education services, excellent universities & colleges, and outstanding wildlife. Everything about Canada is perfect and desirable and this country is worthy of all the accolades it has garnered.

With an expanding economy and unlimited opportunities, Canada offers a world-class quality of life to the students. The country creates tens of thousands of jobs every year, which boosts the economy and reduces poverty. Every individual in Canada has quick and simple access to healthcare, and its education system is one of the best in the world, since it invests more on education than any other country. Its schools, colleges, and universities are recognised and accepted throughout the world.

The cost of living in Canada is justifiable for international students, given the returns they get on their investment. People immigrate to Canada every year because everything about it is perfect and promising.

Many international students who want to study in Canada or move to the country seek out information about the cost of living in Canada. For someone who relies on raw data to gauge, living expenses in Canada might appear excessive. However, once you consider the country's infrastructure and its extensive range of services for its citizens and visitors, you will see that the cost of living is not exaggerated.

There are several Canadian cities that have economical living costs, although they provide the same amenities.

Particulars Average cost in CAD Average cost in INR
Education cost Undergraduate : 13000-20000 CAD/year
Graduate : 14000-25000 CAD/year
Undergraduate: 7,71,886 to 11,87,518/year
Postgraduate: 8,31,262 to 14,84,397/year
Accommodation cost On-campus: 8000-10000 CAD/year
Shared apartments off-campus: 400-700 CAD/year
On-campus: 4,75,007 to 5,93,759/year
Shared apartment off-campus: 23,750 - 41,563 INR per month
Cost for food and drinks 200-600 CAD/month 11,875- 35,625/ month
Transportation cost 80-120 CAD/month 4750-7125/month
Books & study material 200-350 CAD per semester 11,875-20,781/month
Movie tickets cost (1 ticket) 12-14 CAD 712-831
Health insurance cost Depends on coverage & providers changes
Miscellaneous 500-1000 CAD/year 29,687-59,375/year

Cost of living in Canada : Country-wise comparison

Country Accommodation cost Transportation cost (INR) Food & water cost Education cost
Canada On-campus 4,75,007-5,93,759/year
Off-campus(shared)- 23,750 – 41,563/month
4750-7125/month 11,875 – 35,625/month UG courses : 7,71,886 – 7,71,886/year
PG courses: 10,09,390 – 14,84,397/year
USA On-campus 7,27,559-8,24,072/year
Off-campus(room shared by 4)- 33,408/month
2969-7424/month 3260 per day UG courses: 4,45,444 – 26,60,046/year
PG courses: 18,56,018 – 30,43,870/year
UK On-campus – 41,120-61,681/month
Off-campus – 61,694 – 2,05,648/month
4420-7812 20,560/month UG courses: 10,28,020 – 26,72,854/year
PG courses: 20,56,041/year
Australia On-campus – 5488-13970/month
Off-campus – 4500-21,953/month
70-7000 120/week UG & PG courses 4,91,539 – 87,93, 090/year
Germany 25,000 – 60,000/month
Off-campus – 61,694 – 2,05,648/month
0-13,065/month 13,065 – 21,776/month UG & PG courses 20,000 – 30,10,000/year

GIC account for living expenses in Canada

For studying in Canada, students have to purchase the guaranteed investment certificate (GIC) that is also called as the short-term liquid investment for an year. This Guaranteed investment certificate is offered and provided by the Canadian banks along with a return rate that is guaranteed.

GIC is needed to

  • For showing the Canadian government that you have sufficient funds to live and study in Canada until the completion of your program.
  • It helps in the application and processing of Canadian study visa.
  • A guaranteed investment certificate having the value of 10000 CAD obtained from an approved Canadian bank acts as the full-proof evidence of funds.

Steps to apply for the GIC?

  1. The first step is to sign up for a secure email service provided by an authorised bank. In order to register with a legitimate Canadian bank online, you must provide your personal data. You must then sign up for the institution's secure email service. Once you have registered, you will be given a password to access your email account.
  2. After registering, you will receive a link to the GIC Application Form on your email account. It may be submitted either online or offline. To submit online, you should submit the form through your secure email account, which will require you to fill it out in its entirety and upload a scanned copy of your passport and admission letter. To submit offline, you may download the form from your email account and then print, fill out, and deliver it in person to a bank.
  3. After submitting your Student GIC Program Application, you will be provided with your Investment Account Number and funding details on your email account. Fund your account with 10,000 CAD + 150 CAD (processing fee) from any Indian bank account. Once you have funded your Canada Student GIC Program account, you will be notified of its investment balance.
  4. To get a Canadian study permit, visit the Canadian visa office in India and submit a copy of your Investment Balance Confirmation.
  5. Upon arrival in Canada, you should submit the following documents to any bank branch.
    • Investment balance confirmation
    • A valid passport
    • Study permit
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Cost of living in Canada – province wise

Province Food (INR/month) Accommodation (INR/month) Transportation (INR/month) Education (INR/year) Other expenses (INR/month)
Ontario 15,560 34,578 4956 14,40,746 16712
Alberta 16,251 27,719 4206 5,18,668 – 25,93,344 19478
British Columbia 16,078 50,195 6224 8,93, 262 19709
Quebec 15,675 24,377 2420 5,18,668 – 6,91,558 18326
New Brunswick 14,119 26,394 4091 6,91,558 – 13,18,116 13658
Saskatchewan 14,926 32,272 4783 6,91, 558 – 10,37,337 17,9228
Manitoba 14,580 28,526 5763 9,79,707 17,692
Nova scotia 14,119 28,815 3919 6,91,558 – 14,234
Newfoundland & Labrador 15,502 28,526 3976 2,30,519 – 5,76,298 13,485

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Cost of education in Canada (Course – wise)

Discipline Avg. UG fee (yearly) (in CAD) Avg. PG fee (yearly) (in CAD)
Pharmacy 32,886 10,500
Nursing 18000 12,000
Medicine 33000 NA
Architecture & related technologies 22,100 20,000
Engineering 26,582 15,800
Maths & computer science 25,000 13,000
Business management 23,500 20,000

Accommodation for international students in Canada

You can easily locate on-site dormitories at Canadian universities if you are an international student. First-year students typically choose to reside on-campus. However, you must determine whether this is a good fit for you, as students are usually required to share their spaces with a dining hall, a laundry room, and recreational facilities.

The most critical issue to think about before choosing on-campus housing is the amount of money you will need to spend on it. Generally, living in Canada for on-campus housing costs between 8,000 CAD and 10,000 CAD annually. Other than that, living off-campus may be expensive, but living on a shared basis will be cheaper. You'll need at least 400 CAD per month to live in Canada, in all.

Types of Accommodation Average cost
On-campus accomodation 8000-10000 CAD/year
Shared apartment off-campus 400-700 CAD/month
Apartment (1 bedroom) in city centre 1332 CAD/month
Apartment (1 Bedroom) outside of centre 1123 CAD/month

Food expenses in Canada

All kinds of cuisines can be found in every town in Canada, whether Indian, American, Continental, Italian, or Chinese. However, the cost of food must be taken into account when calculating expenses while visiting Canada. The meal at a restaurant in Canada may cost between $10 and $15 per person for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Moreover, the monthly expenses may cost between 200 CAD and 600 CAD for food and other things.


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Cost of transportation in Canada

In Canada, the cities are well connected by airplnes, trains, buses, taxis, and subways. Metro services or public buses can also be used to traverse the streets. Other than that, students can also receive discounted passes by showing their college ID. In Canada, transportation costs between 80 CAD and 120 CAD per month. A monthly pass is also available for trains and buses.

Transportation/vehicle Average cost
Monthly transport pass (Toronto) 90 CAD
Taxi tariff (1 km) 4 CAD
Bus ticket/single use 3.25 CAD
Gasoline (1 litre/0.25 gallon) 1.17 CAD

FAQs for Study in Canada/average cost living

An Indian student will require somewhere between 7,000-35,000 CAD (Canadian dollars) annually to study in Canada. Generally, the average cost of living in Canada for Indian students ranges between INR 3,50,000- 19,00,000, which further depends upon the type of course they opt. It also varies according to the lifestyle of a student.

Studying in Canada is affordable for aspirants that want to study abroad. For the tuition fees, students are required to have around 10,000 – 30,000 CAD (Canadian dollars) per year. Above mentioned fee is only an average, and the exact fee that a student has to pay depends upon the program and the institution they opt to pursue their studies. Moreover, the costs that are associated with food, housing and other living expenses highly depend upon the lifestyle you live and the location where you live. But on average, you need around 15,000 CAD to live in Canada.

It’s not that difficult to get citizenship in Canada if you are able to fulfil the below-mentioned conditions:

  1. You should have a Canadian permanent residence (PR).
  2. You must have lived in Canada for the duration of three years in the last five years.
  3. You must have filled out all your taxes
  4. You have to pass the test that is associated with getting citizenship.
  5. You must have English/ french language proficiency.


If you are a student and want to live on rent in Canada, then you have two options.  

  1. On-campus accommodation
  2. Off-campus accommodation

You will have to pay around 8-10 thousand Canadian dollars a year for on-campus accommodation. Whereas, if you live off-campus, you will have to pay more, but in these accommodations, you can live on a sharing basis to reduce that cost. All in all, you need around 400 dollars a month to live in Canada. On the other hand, on-campus accommodation in the USA will cost you around 9800-11000 US dollars a year, and off-campus accommodation will cost you around 500-800 Canadian dollars per month, which is way higher than in Canada.

There are many types of accommodations available for international students in Canada. Listed below are some of them:

  1. Homestay
  2. Studio apartments
  3. On-campus accommodation
  4. Private rental accommodation


Opting for part-time employment in Canada is one of the finest strategies for Indian students to lower their monthly cost of living there. The Canadian student visa allows students to do various on-campus part-time jobs. You can also submit an application for an off-campus employment permit after completing six months of study.

When we determine the cost of living for an international student, then we count the transportation, housing, food, healthcare, and other necessary things required to live. The cost of living may vary according to the person, their lifestyle habits, their spending habits, etc.

The average cost for a single person to live in Canada (excluding rent) is 1200-1300 Canadian dollars per month.

If you are a single person living in Canada, then a salary of around 45000 CAD will be considered a good salary for you, which sums to around 23 Canadian dollars per hour.