Cost of Living in UK for International Students

UK is known worldwide for its high educational excellence and world-class institutions that further provide state-of-the-art facilities, highly experienced faculties, a multicultural environment, and global exposure to international students. It prepares them to delve deeper into their field of study and achieve a great career. That is why, over recent years, the number of student applications to study in Canada has increased significantly.


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Average Cost Of Study


International Students

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Average cost of living for students in UK

If you are planning to study in UK, you might be thinking about the living costs that are associated with studying there. Due to a large difference between Indian and UK currency exchange rates, most of the people think that it is very expensive to study in UK, but if you know how to effectively manage the expenses, then you can study and live in UK without any financial burden.

Cost of living for students in UK majorly depends upon the lifestyle they live, the budget they have, and their expenditure. Given below are the estimated expenses for the international students while studying & living in UK and these expenses may vary according to your city, University and the lifestyle.

Expenses Estimated monthly expenditure
Food 160-200 £
Rent Halls of residence (bills included) 400-600 £/monthly
Private Accommodation 320-500 £/monthly
Electricity, water & gas 40-50 £/monthly
Internet 40 £/monthly
Stationery 21 £/monthly
Bus Fare 32 £/monthly
Laundry 25 £/monthly
Clothing/shoes 25 £/monthly
Movie tickets/ (Can be exempted) 9 £ per head
Dinner at restaurant 15 £ per meal
Mobile bill/ Recharge 15-50 £/monthly
Total 680-1070 £/monthly

Tuition fee for studying in UK (International Students)

UK charges higher fee from the international students than the domestic students for education and this tuition fee is dependent on the student’s nationality, their course and its academic level.

The fee structure in UK institutions covers up the overall cost of tuition along with excess fees that includes information technology, library & tutoring services, if available. If an international student wants to pursue an undergraduate degree in UK, then its cost would range between £ 10,000 and £ 38,000 yearly. On the other hand, if a student wants to pursue a postgraduate degree in UK, then, it would cost them around £ 11,000 which could rise up to £ 32,000 yearly.

Moreover, the UK government provides a lot of financial resources to the students that aspire to pursue a higher education in the UK. This financial aid consist student loans, scholarships, and other grants. The most renowned scholarships that are available for Indian students for studying in the UK include Inlaks Scholarship, Chevening Scholarship- India, Commonwealth Scholarships, The Felix Scholarship, and more.

Program Level Tuition Fee
Undergraduate 10,000 – 38,000 £ for lecture-based programs 53,700/yearly for medical courses
Postgraduate 11,000-32,000 £/yearly

Best Accommodation available for students in UK

Shared house or flat

In this type of accommodation, students take a house or a flat on rent from a 3rd party landlord and most of the 2nd year students prefer this accommodation as it provides them the independence while studying in UK.

Host family- home stay

In this accommodation type, students stay with a native British family near-by their college or university’s campus and get all the essential facilities such as kitchen, meals, bathroom and hospitality.

Private flat or house

Students can also opt to take a private flat or a full house on rent while studying in UK. This accommodation might be difficult to find for the international students but the second or third year students might go for it in order to get more independence & flexibility.

Residential halls in UK

Residential halls are owned by the universities to provide accommodation to the students so that they could stay and live with like-minded peers. Living there, students get the support of university along with an affordable rent. Other than that, it comes among the most preferred accommodation types in the international students due to its affordability. It helps them save around 400-600 £/ month and reduces the burden on their pockets.

City 1 BHK monthly rent (Outside of Centre) Monthly rent of BHK inside city Centre Monthly rent of a 3 BHK (Outside of Centre) Monthly rent of 3 BHK (City Centre)
London 1272 1649 2097 3182
Cambridge 869 1092 1340 1850
Brighton 868 990 1495 1957
Bornemouth 685 696 1080 1256
Oxford 993 1,099 1512 1818
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Transportation costs in UK

UK’s transportation network comes among the best & it’s termed as the most advanced worldwide. There students get numerous transportation options, which help them travel anywhere freely without any problem. There, public transport is considered the best option for the international students as they get special discounts, which further saves them a lot of money.

Moreover, traveling costs in UK are the second highest in the world for international students. A single bus journey outside the London may cost you around 1.50 £ and 45 £ per month on the travel card that is provided to the students. Students studying in the universities that are located in London have to pay around 23 £ a week or 140 £/month to travel in UK.

Below-mentioned are the average cost of transportation that students have to pay monthly while studying in UK

City Avg. monthly transportation cost
London 56 £
Birmingham 45 £
Manchester 47 £
Leeds 43 £
Liverpool 45 £

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Other Lifestyle & Essential costs for a student in UK

Other than the living, food, and transportation costs, there are many lifestyle & essential expenses like internet, university material, utility bills and so on that costs an international student around 4800 £ yearly and around 14,400 for 3 years.

Books & university material cost students around 21 £ monthly in UK. On the other hand, Gas, phone, water, and electricity bills cost around 100 £ monthly. The expenses that are associated with lifestyle depends highly on how and where you live. In general, living expenses in the south UK are way higher than the north UK.

Moreover, you will have to spend around 160-200 £ monthly on your food expenses, and if you take an outside meal then you will need to spend around 10-25 £/a meal. Other than that, a gym membership will cost you around 45 £/ monthly and this cost vary from gym-to-gym.

Item Price
Bread £ 0.90/ pack
Milk £ 1.00/litre
Chicken £ 1.57/300 g
Eggs £ 2.08/ dozen
rice £ 0.81/kg
Cooking oil £ 1.11/litre
water £ 0.84/1.5 litre
Entertainment item Price
Movie ticket £ 12
Concert or theatre ticket £ 50.57
Restaurant table for two £ 50
Connectivity Avg. cost in month
Prepaid sim package £ 10.12
TV license £ 12.56
TV + wi-fi package £ 50.54
Netflix £ 0.15-0.46
Call costs £ 8.10
Misc. items One-time costs
Clothes £ 40.34
Household items £ 30.34
toileteries £ 20.23
stationery £ 20.23
insurance £ 50.57

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