Job Opportunities in the UK for International Students

UK is known worldwide for its high educational excellence and world-class institutions that further provide state-of-the-art facilities, highly experienced faculties, a multicultural environment, and global exposure to international students. It prepares them to delve deeper into their field of study and achieve a great career. That is why, over recent years, the number of student applications to study in Canada has increased significantly.


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International Students

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Study in UK - job opportunities

The most sought-after qualities that the students require for finding a job in the UK are talent and appropriate skills. There, employers in many sectors of the job market seek out graduates who have both strong academic and practical knowledge in their field. Individuals who are able to brainstorm and come up with creative ideas are in high demand in the UK.

Universities in the UK are known for providing integrated work placements and internships to the international students and assist them in gaining practical experience and exposure during their higher education. If students want to work in the UK after completing their studies, then, they must apply for a Tier 2 Post Study Visa to do so.


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How you can get a work permit in UK

Students who want to work in the UK while studying or after graduating must obtain a UK work visa. In order to receive a UK work permit, students must meet the requirements mentioned below.

  • Students must clear all the required assessments for their visas.
  • An employer should be UK-licensed
  • International students must get an employment offer from the employer that can also become their sponsor.
  • Students are required to have a sponsorship certificate that is issued by the employer.

Generally, many types of work permits/UK work visas are available for international students, but the Tier 2 and Tier 4 visas are the most frequently used among them.

Students who want to stay in the UK to work after completing their higher education may apply for a Tier 2 visa. To obtain a Tier 2 visa, students must have an offer with a minimum salary of £20,800. Candidates may work up to 48 hours a week with a Tier 2 visa and after five years, they can seek an extension of their visa, as long as they meet all the criteria set by the UK government.

Other than that, students seeking to undertake part-time work while studying in the UK must apply for a Tier 4 visa. They are restricted to work 20 hours per week with this visa. To obtain a Tier 4 visa, students must be proficient in English writing, speaking, understanding, and reading. To apply for a Tier 4 visa, students should put in at least three months prior to beginning their course.

The required documents to apply for a work permit in the UK:

  • A TB test result.
  • A valid passport is required to verify the student's identity.
  • In addition, the student must provide a document indicating that he or she has sufficient savings to pay for the tuition.
  • Proof of guardianship or parental consent is required only if the student is under 18 years old.
  • Sponsorship certificate provided by the licensed employer.

Job rules for students in UK

Working part time, undertaking an internship or taking a work placement is common for international students while studying in the UK. Apart from that, the amount of working hours and the kind of job depends on the type of visa and the college or university that sponsors the student.

You can do the following while on a student visa in the UK:

  • While you are on a student visa in the UK, you are allowed to work as a student union sabbatical officer.
  • It depends on what you are studying and whether you are working on- or off-campus during term-time.
  • You are not allowed to do the following while on a student visa in the UK:
  • You can’t work as a self-employed, sports coach or professional sportsperson while you are on student visa in the UK.

Other than that, a student can work up to 40 hours per week during term time, provided he/she has prior permission from the school. Outside of term time, one may work as much as possible.

UKCISA defines “week” as a seven-day period starting on a Monday. If a student has more than one employer and works irregular hours, a record of how many hours he/she has worked is maintained.

A student sponsor defines "term time" as the period when the student should be studying, and "outside term time" as everything else, including pre-course and post-course periods as well as vacations.

After one is allowed to work during their studies, they may apply for and accept any job at any level. The UK Home Office may question the student's working hours if they earn over £15,000 annually. Although there is no restriction on how much one earns annually, but, one must never work over the maximum weekly working hours in term time.

Part-time jobs for students in UK

The starting salary for an engineering graduate can be as low as CAD 30,000 or as high as CAD 100,000, depending on where they work and what they specialize in.

Part time work for students in Canada

More often, international students look for part-time employment in the UK to offset living expenses and tuition costs. Since the UK is one of the most expensive nations in the world in addition to having one of the highest tuition rates, living in the country while studying is costly and expensive. However, Indian students studying in the UK don't have to worry about paying for their education as there are lots of part-time jobs available for them.

It's important for international students to have a Tier 4 visa to work in the UK. Even though some jobs allow students to work only 20 hours a week, finding a job is difficult because there are so few options.

Here is a list of jobs for Indian students with a Tier 4 visa that are available part-time.

1.    You can work on campus
Universities in the UK only permit international students to work on campus. These universities provide part-time job opportunities for students by allowing them to work in computer centres, cafeterias, student unions, and other places. Universities frequently employ international students to promote themselves via blog writing and other social media platforms in order to take advantage of them.

2.    Customer service centres
Working at UK call centres if one wants to improve her/his communication skills while earning a decent amount of money is a wonderful option. Students are paid a decent amount of money for working at call centres.

3.    Restaurants and cafes
Working as a cashier at grocery stores and restaurants is also an option for the international students to consider.

4.    Being a freelancer
It is a great alternative for multilingual international students to work as freelance interpreters. Students with excellent French and English skills may be able to get an employment offer in the UK.

5.    Taking pictures
A photographer can earn money by freelancing, provided she/he is skilled or knowledgeable about photography. Working hours may be negotiated in order to accommodate the busy college schedule for international students who are proficient in photography or have excellent photographic skills.

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Average salary for top 10 courses in the UK

Courses & University Avg. Salary
Medicine & dentistry – University of Hull 47,100
Medicine & dentistry – Imperial college of science, Technology & medicine 47,888
Medicine & dentistry, University of Warwick 47,494
Medicine & dentistry, University of brighton 47,756
Engineering & technology, havering college of further & higher education 56,678
Computer Science– Imperial college of science, Technology & medicine 52,348
Medicine & dentistry – University of liverpool 47,100
Medicine & dentistry – University of Southampton 47,363
Medicine & dentistry – King’s college london 47,232
Economics – London college of economics & political science 47,100

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