Guide for Admission Process to Study in USA

Getting admission to a US college or university is a dream of almost all students worldwide that aspire to study abroad. Due to the recent relaxations in US immigration laws and policies, students can now turn this dream into reality if they meet all the requirements & eligibility criteria of their intended US institution and follow the admission process to a United States institution correctly & accurately.


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USA Student admission process guide

If you want to get admission to a US institution, then you will need to follow the below-mentioned steps accurately:

  1. First of all, research for the institutions in US that provide the programs you want to pursue and list them down.
  2. After listing down the university preferences, you can contact them directly to get the answers of the questions you have regarding program, living etc. (If any)
  3. Now, collect all the documents that are required for the admission process and check your eligibility to apply for that institution and program.
  4. Appear for the required standardized and language tests to become eligible to apply for a particular program at your intended institution in USA.
  5. Now, start writing a statement of purpose stating why you want to pursue that program, what are your intentions and goals behind pursuing it.
  6. Get the letter of recommendation
  7. Now, start filling up your admission application form and enter all the required details correctly and accurately. If you aspire to apply for a scholarship then you will need to attach your scholarship form with the admission application form.
  8. Now you have to wait for a letter of acceptance.
  9. After receiving it, you will need to deposit the university or program fee before the given deadline
  10. After submitting your fee, you will receive the i-20 form from the institution. This is one of the most important document when you study in USA and you will need to keep it with you.
  11. After receiving it, you can apply for a US study visa.

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How to apply to study in USA

You need to be among the early birds when it comes to applying for admission to the colleges and universities in USA. It is advised so that you could apply to other colleges and Universities in case your admission application gets rejected at your preferred institution in USA.

    • Firstly, you will need to get all your personal, educational, financial and visa information ready before you start the admission application. It will help you fill in your admission application efficiently & correctly without any problem.
    1. In your personal information, you need to have correct info about your full name, address, Birthplace, age, nationality (citizenship), family background etc.
    2. In your educational information, you will need updated details until your most recent educational degree and the test score you have achieved in a competitive exam.
    3. In your financial info, you will need to specify the sources from where you will arrange all the funds that you will require to pay the tuition fee and expenses.
    4. You will be asked about the type of visa you intend to get to study in the USA. In our opinion, most international students should go for an F-1 visa to study in the USA.
    • Now, start searching for the institutions in the USA that suit you in terms of education, courses provided, budget etc., and shortlist at least 4 to 5 institutions.
    1. After shortlisting these institutions, simply tap upon the “Apply” option available on the profile page of the particular institution.
    • Subsequently, you can enter the required details correctly and pay the asked admission application fee (if required). Now, this admission application will go straight to the admission department of that institution for review.
    • After receiving your admission application, the institution will start assessing it and revert you regarding the same within a few days. If you don’t receive any e-mail or communication from the institution, you can follow up with them and ensure if they have received your admission application.
    • You might also get an e-mail from the institution that they need some additional documents from your end to assess your application better. In that case, you can send them the required additional documents as soon as possible. Moreover, each college and University has different admission requirements and processes. Therefore, they might ask you for the following documents.
    1. Your passport copy
    2. our test scores and official transcripts
    3. You might also have to provide a letter of recommendation/personal essay.
    4. Bank statement copy
    • You can send the required documents as soon as possible to help the institution thoroughly assess your admission application to study in the USA.
    • Once you get the confirmation regarding the acceptance of your admission application at an institution in USA, then you can keep it as it is required for various forms and visa interviews.
    1. Now, your institution (college or University) will send you an i-20 form that you have to fill up.
    2. While filling up this form, spell your name the same as you have it spelled in your passport & acceptance letter.
    3. If you make any errors in the details or spelling in that form, then you can ask for a new & corrected i-20 form.
    4. You have to bring in your i-20 form when you appear for a visa interview.
    • You should apply for a visa at least three months before you want to enter and study in USA.
    • Lastly, you can start making arrangements for your travel & living in the USA. You can also ask questions from your institution regarding the same, and they will surely help you make arrangements.

So, this is the detailed admission process you’ll need to follow to get admission to the institutions in USA. We advise you to follow these steps accurately to minimize the chances of refusal and rejection, and all your details should be clear & correct while applying for admission to any institution in USA.


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Common queries

What is the process of getting admission in USA university?

The USA has some top universities with students from around the world. To get admission to US universities, you must have good academic records, have taken IELTS/TOEFL, SAT or AC, and score well on these. Some institutions may also ask you to submit GMAT or GRE, which depends on the course you are applying for. To get admission to USA universities, you first need to shortlist the Institution of your choice, go through the application requirements, take the admission tests, prepare and fill out the application form, wait for the acceptance letter and then deposit your fees and Fill out I-20 Form and Apply for Student Visa.

What to know before going to study in the USA?

Studying in the USA is different from studying in Canada. Before studying in the USA, you should learn about social etiquette, Health Insurance, the rules of Driving, using the subway and the expensiveness of the study material you will find here.

How many days will it take to get admitted to US universities?

Application decisions usually take two to four weeks after all your documents are submitted. Students usually receive official notifications through the postal service.

What are the three intakes in the USA?

The three intakes in the USA are Fall, starting in August/September. Spring: It starts in January. Summer intake starts around May and is available for limited programs and colleges.

How much percentage is required for study in the USA?

American Universities focus on your overall profile, and different institutions have different selection criteria. Generally, a minimum academic record of 60% or higher in the humanities in class XII and 60 to 65 percent or higher in Science/Commerce in class XII is preferred.

Documents required for the US admission process

To apply for admission to a US institution, you will be required to present a list of documents mentioned below:

For undergraduate programs

  1. SAT/ACT scorecards
  2. Letter of recommendation (LOR)
  3. Statement of purpose (SOP)
  4. English language proficiency test scorecard
  5. Valid passport
  6. Academic transcripts
  7. CV
  8. Certificates of extra-curricular activities
  9. Evidence of funds availability
  10. Copy of application confirmation

For graduate programs

  1. Letter of recommendation (LOR)
  2. Bachelor’s degree transcripts
  3. GMAT/GRE/MCAT/LSAT exams scorecard
  4. Language proficiency score
  5. Valid passport
  6. CV
  7. Statement of purpose (SOP)
  8. Experience letter
  9. Copy of application confirmation
  10. Certificates of extra-curricular activities
  11. Evidence of funds availability
  12. Academic transcripts
  13. Portfolio or research/proposal

US Student Admission Fees

When students apply for admission to any college or University in USA, they have to pay an application fee of around 50-100 USD for it. After approving this admission application, institutions provide a letter of acceptance to the applicants and they have to pay the tuition fee for that particular course before the given deadline date.

Average fees at US Universities (2018-2019)

  Public two- year colleges Public four year colleges (in-state fees) Public four year colleges (out of state fees) Private non-profit four year college
Tuition & other fee 3660 USD 10230 USD 26290 USD 35830 USD
Room & board 8660 USD 11140 USD 11140 USD 12680 USD
Total (yearly) 12320 USD 21370 USD 37430 USD 48510 USD

Admission process to study in USA

You will need the below-mentioned documents: • Academic transcripts • Test scores like (ACT and SAT) / language scores like ( IELTS, PTE, and TOEFL) • A valid passport • Letter of recommendation • Statement of purpose For graduate students • Educational transcripts • GMAT/GRE scores • IELTS, PTE, and TOEFL scores • Statement of purpose(SOP) • Research proposal • Professor's letter of recommendation • Passport(copy) • Financial proofs

Here are the required university application documents 1. Transcripts or records of grades (high school and/or University) 2. Résumé/CV. 3. Test scores (SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT) 4. Proof of English-language proficiency. 5. Motivation letter or statement of purpose. 6. Application fee. 7. Writing sample. 8. Passport photo.

If you are applying for an undergraduate program, then you will require an ACT or SAT exam. On the other hand, if you are applying for a graduate program, then you will require a GMAT/GRE exam to study in USA.

You will either need a GMAT (Graduate management aptitude test) or GRE (Graduate record examination) test to study MS in USA.

The last date for most of the institutions for January intake 2023 in USA lies between July to December.

The last date to apply for most of the institutions for September intake 2023 in USA lies at the end of July 2023.

1. Passport 2. Academic transcripts 3. CV 4. LOR (letter of recommendation) 5. Scorecard for the entrance exams 6. English language proficiency test 7. Letters of work experience 8. Evidence of available funds 9. Statement of purpose (SOP)

The deadline for summer intake 2023 in the USA is March 2023.

Though most universities in the USA accept IELTS as proof of English language proficiency, there are universities in the USA that do not accept IELTS. These are: • University of Dayton • University of Delaware • State University of New York • University of New Orleans (UNO) • University of Colorado • California State University • Rice University • National Louis University • Drexel University • University of Iowa • University of North Alabama

The average acceptance rate of Universities in the USA is 68%. While some of the hardest colleges to get into, have a 10% acceptance rate.

Fall intake is one of the most preffered intakes by students. When it comes to the Spring or the Summer intakes, these are only offered by some of the universities. Moreover, the fall intake is also larger of the two, and students get more funding opportunities when admitted in the fall intake.