Job Opportunities in USA for International Students

Being the greatest economy in the world, the US has a lot to offer to international students in terms of job opportunities. There, students get the chance to work with prestigious companies that give them competitive salaries and a chance to grow their skillset. The USA has a high demand for workers that are hardworking, passionate and highly skilled in professions like engineering, medical sciences and computer science and people belonging to these professions get great job opportunities there.


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International Students

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Job market & opportunities in USA for international students

One of the major reasons why students aspire to study in USA is the better job opportunities & job market that it provides them. USA allows students to apply for jobs while they are pursuing or finished with their graduation. In the past, during the tenure of the former president of USA Donald trump, the job market & opportunities were slowed down for the international students due to strict immigration policies & rules. But, after the arrival of new US president Joe biden & his new policies, the job market & opportunities for international students in USA are increasing again.

Can you work on F-1 visa?

There are few rules that F-1 visa holders need to adhere to work in USA

  • Students can’t work off-campus during their first year of study and they only have to seek for the on-campus job opportunities that are offered or provided by the higher education providers in USA.
  • Students are not allowed to work more than 20 hours/week during their studies.
  • Students can’t work more than 40 hours/week during their academic breaks.

All the international students that hold F-1 visa can get off-campus job opportunities under:

STEM OPT: International students who have obtained a degree that is associated with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, mathematics) fields can easily get optional practical training extension for 24 months.

CPT : CPT is also referred to as Curricular practical training which is also called as temporary work permit that allows the students to work in their field or the fields related to it. These jobs can either be unpaid or paid and students can work full or part time.

Pre & post-completion OPT: OPT is called as an optional practical training that allows the students to work in the field where they study for upto 20 hours a week. OPT is further classified into two types.


Pre-completion OPT: It allows the students to work in USA during their studies.

Post-completion OPT: It allows the students to work in USA after completing their studies

SEH (Severe Economic Hardship): International students who have an F-1 visa, can apply for severe economic hardship as it allows them to work off-campus in USA, if gets accepted. It is generally applied by the students going through the severe economic hardship because of various factors like excessive medical bills, unexpected changes in the financial condition of source, loss of financial support etc.


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Can you work on M-1 visa?

All the international students who hold M-1 visa can engage in the practical training in their study field after completing their studies in USA.

Both F-1 & M-1 visa allows the students to work in their field of study or the related field. But, this work permission should be authorized by the USCIS & SEVIS.

Top 5 On-campus jobs for students while studying in USA

Mail room attendant: A mailroom attendant works to improve the experience of University’s residents. His responsibilities include sorting, forwarding the mails, providing the general administrative support, tracking & accepting the packages.

Barista: International students can work at a coffee shop on-campus as it comes among the most happening jobs where they have to make coffee. It also gives them a chance to meet new people every day.

College Teaching Assistant: Teaching Assistant works with professors and students and takes classes, grade papers, answer questions, conduct meetings with the students and take proctor exams.

Campus Ambassador: Campus ambassadors spread the awareness among student community regarding any service or product. They execute promotional and marketing activities to organize various workshops, seminars and acts as a company’s voice.

Student library assistant: student library assistant assists staff in daily library operations. They do library searches, maintain statistics, general office work, etc.


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What is E-B5 visa?

E-B5 visa allows the eligible immigrants to get the permanent residency of the USA. To get this visa, users has to invest at least 900,000 USD in a targeted employment area, that can employ a minimum of 10 american people.

Follow these simple steps to apply for H-1B visa

  • Go to the USCIS official website
  • Create an account and opt how you want to receive the verification code.
  • Now, you have to select on the option “I am an H-1B registrant”
  • After that, you can click on “file a registration”, if you aren’t registering through any representative.
  • Now, simply click on the “Start” button.
  • After that, you are required to enter your and your beneficiary’s information and save that entry by clicking on the “save entry” option. There you can add information regarding additional beneficiaries as well.
  • Now you can sign electronically.
  • Now, you will be asked to pay the required fee.

Follow these simple steps to apply for E-B5 visa

  • In that case, you have to file i-526, which is also called as immigrant petition by alien investor.
  • Now, you will need to wait, until, USCIS approves it.
  • After that, you can file i- 260 with US department of state that will help you get an EB-5 visa for getting admission to the US.
  • You can also file i-485 with USCIS for adjusting status to the conditional PR to the US.
  • Other than that, you can also file form i-829 within a 90 day time to the USA as a conditional permanent resident.

Job opportunities in USA after MBA

According to the global MBA rankings that were published back in 2021, USA business schools are best in the world because of their high quality of education, high employment rate after graduation.

You can get great job opportunities after completing your studies in USA because its business schools have a great link with domestic & international organizations that increase the placement opportunities for the international students worldwide. Other than that, the degrees and knowledge gained from the USA business schools is highly valued and regarded which makes it easier for the students get great job opportunities worldwide with good salary.

Below mentioned are the job opportunities that students get after completing their MBA in USA along with salary range and annual average salary.

Job role Annual average salary Annual average salary
Chief executive officer 823,896 USD 635,261-1024,364/year
Chief operating officer 444,333 USD 340,420 - 569,226/year
Chief financial officer 385,412 USD 302,604 -480,203/year

Job opportunities after Engineering in USA

Job role Annual average salary Annual average salary
Chief executive officer 823,896 USD 635,261-1024,364/year
Chief operating officer 444,333 USD 340,420 - 569,226/year
Chief financial officer 385,412 USD 302,604 -480,203/year

Common Queries

What is the lowest-salary job in the USA?

Listed below are some of the lowest-salary occupations in the USA:

  1. Parking lot attendants
  2. Housekeepers & maids
  3. Shoe machine operators
  4. Animal caretakers (non-farm)
  5. Food preparation workers
  6. Ticket takers & lobby attendants
  7. Cashiers
  8. Childcare workers
  9. Dry-cleaning & laundry workers
  10. Waiters

Which field is the highest paid in the USA?

If you ask about the fields that are highly paid in the United States, then we would say that the field of healthcare comes at the top as specialists in this field earn the highest in comparison with the professionals in other job fields. Even healthcare professionals like nurses that are not physicians also earn good salaries.

What jobs are in demand in the USA?

Currently, there are many jobs and professions in the USA which are in high demand. Below-mentioned is the list of those jobs.

  1. Registered Nurses
  2. Site reliability engineer
  3. Real estate agent
  4. Pharmacist
  5. Software Engineer
  6. Truck driver
  7. Nursing practitioner
  8. Solar consultant
  9. Product designer

What is the happiest career in USA?

Below-mentioned is the list of the careers that are currently considered the happiest in the United States.

  1. Education administrator
  2. HR manager
  3. Physical therapist
  4. Dental hygienist
  5. Radiation therapist
  6. Speech-language pathologist
  7. Optometrist
  8. Occupational therapist
  9. Actuary

What is the best part-time job in USA?

Listed below are the best part-time jobs in USA.

  1. 1. Dental hygienist
  2. 2. Restaurant cook
  3. 3. Bartender
  4. 4. Physical therapist assistant
  5. 5. Recreational & fitness worker
  6. 6. Massage therapist
  7. 7. Home health aide

USA Student job opportunity Guide

According to a recent survey that has been carried out by the Bureau of labour statistics USA, The demand for business & its related fields will increase by around 23%, which will generate around 1 lac 38 thousand jobs by the year 2024. Other than that, the healthcare sector is also projected to create around 2.5 million jobs in the USA by 2029. It confirms that the job market in the United States will see a great boom in the coming years, which will boost job opportunities there. Students that belong to the fields like Marketing, engineering, psychology, legal, healthcare and computer science have higher chances of getting great job opportunities in the USA with great salary packages.

For getting a job in the United States:

  1. You can sign up for various job portals in the USA to get regular job updates.
  2. After that, you are required to submit your resume/CV on these job portals.
  3. Additionally, you can directly apply for the jobs through the company websites.
  4. After applying for the job, you have to wait for the employer’s response.
  5. If your profile seems interesting to the employer, they will contact you for an online interview.
  6. Now, you have to prepare for that online interview and appear for it.
  7. Once you are done with the interview, wait for the employer’s response.

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Documents Required for US job opportunities

When you apply for a job in the United States of America, you will need to have a mandatory set of documents with you. Listed below are some general documents that you will need while applying for a job in the United States.

  • An undergraduate or bachelor’s degree obtained from an esteemed institution.
  • Work experience that is relevant to your field
  • Proficiency in writing & speaking the English language.
  • Identity card
  • A valid Passport along with a work visa
  • References (Both Personal & Professional)

FAQs on Job Opportunities in USA for International Students in 2023

Generally, full-time international students can work around 20 hours/per week while studying and around 40 hours per week if classes are not in session.

The US has some top universities that offer Computer Science programs and enable students to develop programmes and software with the practical skills learned from these institutions. Studying Computer science in the USA can be one of the best career decisions you will make as a student.

Before the completion of all of the coursework required for your degree, you must apply for your OPT (optional practical training). In USA, you get the option of working before, after, or both while pursuing your degree. Once your coursework is finished, you are allowed to stay and work in the US for up to 12 months.

If you study the below-mentioned subjects, then you will have the higher chances of getting a good job in USA. 1. Medicine 2. Engineering 3. Business Administration 4. Pharmacology 5. Accounting 6. Economics 7. Computer Science 8. Psychology

International students can work on-campus as: 1. Teaching Assistant 2. Library Assistant 3. Campus Ambassador 4. Campus tour guide 5. University bookstore Assistant 6. Peer tutor 7. Waiter at Barista

If you are an international student possessing US student visa, then after graduating, you are eligible to apply for a work permit in the USA for a period of 24 months, plus an extra 12 months for Optional Practical Training.

The most in-demand jobs in USA are: 1. Information security analyst 2. Physician Assistant 3. Nurse practitioner 4. Data Scientist 5. Software developer 6. Financial Manager 7. Medical & health services manager

You can find a job in USA through various job search engines like indeed, glassdoor, Snagajob, US jobs as per your experience, location, job profile or location. Other than that, you can visit the website of the company where you aspire to apply for a job and apply for your job profile from there.

You can’t get a job in USA without a work permit. Therefore, you will need to avail it in order to work there. If you work in USA without work permit, then you could face penalties for it as it is considered illegal.

For getting a job in USA with indian degree, you will have to 1. Search for the job portals that provide regular job updates and sign up for them. 2. Now, submit your CV on these job portals. You can also send your resume to the companies of your interest. 3. After applying, you can wait for the response of employer. 4. Once employer is interested in your profile, they will call you for an online interview. 5. Now, you have to prepare well for that virtual interview and be confident when you appear for it. 6. Once you are done with interview, wait for the employer’s response.

For Indians, jobs in fields like healthcare, Technology and business management are high in demand in USA.