Rearrange the words to make a sentence:

1. Pollution/want/write/homework/for/you/an/I/on/essay/to
2. Chapter/the/exercises/of/the/every/has/end/at/book
3. Match/city/country/capital/exercise/you/to/have/in/first/the/each/to/its
4. Candidates/two/must/questions/answer/paper/from/each
5. The/posted/results/exam/will/your/be/home/address/to
6. Examination/difficult/the/was/end/of/year/very
7. Took/thesis/doctoral/write/time/it/to/a/my/long
8. English/a/took/I/course/pronunciation/in
9. Geography/school/at/my/history/favorite/subjects/and/were
10. Studying/we/because/we/CAE/hard/pass/to/want/are


1. For homework I want you to write an essay on pollution.
2. The book has exercises at the end of every chapter.
3. In the first exercise you have to match each capital city to its country.
4. Candidates must answer two questions from each paper.
5. The exam results will be posted to your home address.
6. The end of year examination was very difficult.
7. It took a long time to write my doctoral thesis.
8. I took a course in English pronunciation.
9. My favorite subjects at school were history and geography.
10. We are studying hard because we want to pass CAE.