Replace the underlined word with an appropriate antonym:

1. There were copious rains.
         A. Scanty
         B. Plenty
         C. Sufficient
         D. Scarcity

2. Mala looks pretty.
         A. Fine
         B. Ugly
         C. Fairly
         D. Unimpressive
3. The mist engulfed the ship.
         A. Permeate
         B. Swallow
         C. Discover
         D. Uncover

4. Nothing in life runs smooth.
         A. Polish
         B. Fine
         C. Rough
         D. Roughen

5. Whatever he writes is hazy.
         A. Easy
         B. Filmy
         C. Misty
         D. Clear
6. After a long journey, we become weary.
         A. Jaded
         B. Tired
         C. Fresh
         D. Wearisome
7. One cannot please all people at all times.
        A. Pleasure
        B. Dissuade
        C. Unpleasure
        D. None of the above.
8. Even in adversity we need to be confident.
        A. Adverse
        B. Prosper
        C. Prosperity
        D. Hay days
9. Our ancient people worshipped nature.
        A. Modern
        B. Old
        C. Past
        D. Historical
10. Most of the people are loyal to their masters.
        A. Cordial
        B. Faithful
        C. Ungrateful
        D. Disloyal

  1.  A
  2.  B
  3.  D
  4.  C
  5.  D
  6.  C
  7.  B
  8.  C
  9.  A
  10.  D